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Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add beauty and character to your home.  Over time, your hardwood floors may become dull, scuffed, even stained from everyday wear and tear. Want to enhance the beauty of your hardwood floors?

Extreme offers a unique, state of the art process to restore your hardwood floors.  This revolutionary process eliminates the traditional sanding process for refinishing hardwood floors allowing you to occupy your home during the restoration process saving you valuable time and money.  The work is generally completed in one day and the floors are ready for full use in just 24 hours.


Our three-step process effectively and efficiently restores scuffed, scratched, gouged, dull and worn hardwood floors caused from high heels, kids playing, animals sliding across the floor and everything in-between.



Step one: Utilizes a “no-sanding” approach which cleans the floor and abrades the old finish to receive a new topcoat.


Step two: Touch-up products make any necessary repairs to scratches or gouges.


Step three: Wood-Solv’s unique finish is applied and permanently seals with the original finish creating an attractive and durable finish.


When using this unique process we refinish your hardwood floors in a safe, fast, and efficient way. Call us today to schedule a no cost evaulation to restore the beauty of your hardwood floors.

  • Eliminates Sanding, Dust & Ordors
  • Hides Scuff & Light Scratches
  • Deep Cleans Floors
  • Seals Flooring Joints & Seams
  • Completely Dries in 24 Hours
  • Leaves no Footprints
  • Can be used on all types of flooring,
    including Laminate, Engineered,
    Hard Wood, Bamboo & Cork